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Castillo Legal Clinic
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Daniel L. Castillo has been a Mississipi lawyer since 1971 when he graduated from the School of Law at the University of Mississippi. His experience encompasses goverment service with the Mississippi Legislature, private practice both in firms and solo. He served in the non-profit field as the director of the Fair Housing Center for the Legal Services corporation. Over the years he has represented clients from all sectors of society.

Currently Daniel Castillo is owner/Lead Attorney at  Castillo Legal Clinic, a professional limited liability company. Castillo Legal Clinic serves individuals and small business with full legal services.

Clients with legal problems which are not with the experience of our attorneys or which require special expertise are handled by association or referral to an appropriately good professional attorney. The work of the associated firm is monitored by the Castillo Legal Clinic on behalf of our client.

You are invited to visit our office located in Ocean Springs at
4942 Nash Street
Southfield, MS 380515

We re happy to arrange special appointemnts outside of usual work hours.